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Our Promises

Tastes Like Happy

Good food makes us happy, triggers our taste buds and feeds our soul. When zesty, sweet, sour and hot flavours, original recipes and the masters of the wok, are all carefully combined, your taste buds will jump with joy and your body will thank you - then you’ll truly understand...Tastes like Happy.

Wok Charred Flavour

Primed by our Wok Masters with a scorching flame, to create the ultimate charred flavour. Then with technique and timing, we blend our fresh ingredients to create our trademark colour, crunch and flavour.

Market Fresh Veg

Colourful to the eye, crunchy on the tooth and bursting with real veg flavour, our fresh produce and seasonal Asian herbs are delivered from market to store daily.

Master Recipe Sauces

Inspired by ancient traditional Asian recipes and masterfully crafted for today by our own wok masters, these secret sauces sizzle in the wok and make our sides sing.