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Our Story

Do you know your noodles? We sure do.

Noodle Box is an Australian institution. We are founded on the back of the adventures of Josh James and David Milne who took themselves on an international tour of discovery more than 20 years ago. They stepped into a brand new world of flavours in South East Asia, and vowed to bring home the wok-tossed goodness and the smoke charred tastes to Australia.

Noodle Box is all about the tantalising aromas, the fiery theatre and fresh flavours of the hawker food market – but we make sure it tastes just right, just the way you like it.

Noodle Box delivers authentic Asian-style street cooking flavour, tailored to Australian tastes, served piping hot and wok-flash quick.

We have a fresh food promise. Our restaurants take a daily delivery of locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables. Our meats are carefully selected, professionally handled and delivered fresh.

What sets Noodle Box apart is its commitment to quality through preparation. Although we might serve you wok-flash quick, your meal has been painstakingly prepared behind the scenes. Getting ready for the moment you order.

Choose from our extensive menu, or build your own. Customise or try something completely different. If you love your meat, we’ve got the range. If you are seeking vegan or vegetarian, we’re great for that too!

Whether you’re feeding a hungry horde, or simply looking for light meal, Noodle Box is the perfect solution.